An Emperor is the ruler of the planet and the key to the planets ability to mine $NICE. As soon as the planet is claimed by an Emperor, they access the Mothership by staking $CRUSH. The mothership is the planet center that is linked to and controls all other infrastructure.
They will always have a request board where he will be able to see requests put forward by CEOs, Generals and Presidents. The emperor can see all resource and invader stats of the planet and has to make decisions accordingly. Requests are sent to the Emperor, with justification. Emperor evaluates them based on what direction the planet is going to take
An emperor can be overthrown by a syndicate made up of the CEO, General and President. This will be possible only if the Emperor has been idle for too long, or hasn’t been performing well enough.
The Emperor can do everything that other characters can, but leaving the mothership halts the $NICE production so it is discouraged to leave for too long. An Emperor-specific mechanic would be Resource Allocations to the groups (Economy, Policy and Military).
There will be routine evaluations of Emperor performance. Just like a syndicate (general, ceo, president) can vote out an Emperor, if the Military group feels neglected, for example, they can raise concerns and downvote the Emperor. This means the Emperor actively has to focus on fair resource distribution and hearing of concerns There will be a popularity index for the Emperor that reflects the general mood of the population towards the emperor's decisions.
The Emperor has no restrictions in the mating protocol, and offspring will vary.
No one may challenge the Emperor in battle, except another Emperor wishing to challenge their planetary position, or a syndicate displeased with the Emperor's performance.
While an Emperor may be voted off or removed from their planet due to poor performance, they can occupy another planet. Since there are only 100 planets, and 100 Emperors, it is likely they will find another to begin development.
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