Game Overview

The Invaderverse kingdom builder exists as a use case for the 2 crypto currencies, $CRUSH & $NICE, as well as providing players with a fun play-to-earn model.
Players take control of individual invader characters, each with specific roles and duties on each planetary system. These players then band together to level up and expand their planetary systems through upgrades and conquest.
Each character that the player controls, exists as an NFT both inside and outside the game world. This allows for players to MINT new characters as well as trade these characters on the NFT marketplace. Players vie for control over a large open world map. The more area each planetary system controls, the higher the rewards dished out to the players.
We want to create a virtual economy, where Investors can generate passive income through their in-game assets and players can trade invaders as POW and earn to play.
Last modified 5mo ago
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